29 augusti 2011

Albergo di Fertilia....

Late 1930`s by Gruppo 2PST (Concezio Petrucci, Mario Tufaroli Luciano, Emanuele Filiberto Paolini, Riccardo Silenzi)

26 augusti 2011

The Ark at Liseberg....

The Ark, Liseberg, July 25

The Ark has announced that the current tour is their last. I did see them twice this year, and Ola Salo is certainly a showman. Some of their songs are really good and "Breaking Up With God" ....is a favorite. 

24 augusti 2011

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives at Kulturkalaset....

TSOOL at Kungstorget, July 20. Photo by Arturponken

..one of this year better live performances. A great band indeed..

18 augusti 2011

Eldkvarn på Kulturkalaset....

Götaplatsen, 17 augusti

..bra musik men man uppfattar inte mycket av Pluras mumlande..

09 augusti 2011

Music is a jewel in our lives....

Hoola Bandoola Band at Liseberg

..and an early start is recommended !

08 augusti 2011

03 augusti 2011

Dan Reed at Liseberg, August 2nd....

photo: Jimmie Midflo
Actually, I had not heard so much of Dan Reed ....but it was a pleasant acquaintance. His well-thought-out melodies and profound lyrics, are matched by an expressive voice and stage charisma.