28 december 2013

Time stamp....

Late 30's, some austerity, the district court, someone's future at stake ....

22 december 2013

Relieferna kom till lite senare....

I den tidiga bilden från Rådhuset finns det fönster vid den övre delen av sessionssal B..

..här ersatta av relieferna, De fyra vindarna (1941 ?) av Eric Grate

Det förefaller som om sockelstenarna är utbyta vid senare tillfälle ?

14 december 2013

A new beach...?

Praia da Laginha, photo: C. Amorim
 Et voilà...!

12 december 2013

Depeche Mode at Scandinavium....

 photo: Gaffa

For a start....it took me 30 years to get these boys into my live "playlist" ! Depeche Mode live was far better than I ever expected. Gahan is an absolut scene master, a great singer....and indeed a good dancer. Some bands have passed their "best before date" after a few years....Depeche still a fresh flood of impressions after three decades.

Best in show: Personal Jesus, I Feel You, Never Let Me Down Again, the video screen....and Dave Gahan

10 december 2013

02 december 2013

01 december 2013

Hallwylska Palatset....

Stockholm, 1898, by Isak Gustaf Clason 

24 november 2013


1935, by Eskil Sundahl and Olof Thunström


Örebro, 1965, by Erik Thelaus

Petersenska Huset....

..Munkbron, by C. Julius Döteber

21 november 2013

16 november 2013



Magasinsgatan 19
The best way to preserve the feeling of time, is to keep things very simple. And this building in Göteborg is a good example of it....