27 oktober 2013

Goodbye Lou

Lou Reed in The Factory, 1967, photo: Andy Warhol

..and thanks for all those endless hours ruining my pickups with your music. I keep in memory that night at the Lisbon Expo, September 23, 1998. I could name so many of your albums - and songs, like "Rock n' Roll Animal", "Take No Prisoners"....but I prefer few words, so..

"it's such a perfect day, I'm glad I spend it with you"

Bookshop....Aillaud & Lellos

..one of the last survivors at Rua do Carmo. (Closed definitely on december 29, 2017)

26 oktober 2013

25 oktober 2013

XENON Architectural Lighting....

..mounted on a Knauf ceiling system, Rådhuset, Göteborg

Aktiebolaget Svenska Möbelfabrikerna, Bodafors....


..the manufacturer of the wooden panels at Rådhuset in Göteborg, 1935-37, by Gunnar Asplund 

24 oktober 2013

Ibertope....another one gone


Lisbon`s older shops in the city centre are decimated at the speed of light....and these pearls are not coming back.

A Deusa....

Rua 1º de Dezembro, (1960)

Estufa Fria....

1933, by Raul Carapinha

21 oktober 2013

Rua de S. Bento 680....

..good ginginha in 1972

19 oktober 2013

18 oktober 2013

Sapataria Helio....

Rua do Carmo, 93 (70`s ?)

Another pearl from the 1960´s....

Estrada de Benfica, 715

Sapataria Saul, without competition the most "chic" shop in Benfica for decades. Unfortunately (like many other shops across the city), showing signs of decay. The outside neon signs are out of order :-(


Rua 1º de Dezembro, 1960`s



..in Parede, a bit of everything !!

Parede Modern....

..at Rua Marquês de Pombal

13 oktober 2013

Another hot day....

..at Museu Calouste Gulbenkian, 1969, by Ruy Athouguia, Pedro Cid and Alberto Pessoa

Lisbon's best urinal....still the best !!

..here at the city's best cinema, São Jorge, by Fernando Silva, 1950

..yet I found this" little brother" at the beautiful garden Estufa Fria, 1933, by Raul Carapinha

12 oktober 2013